Finger crossing on a virginal Playing an antique harpsichord with old fingerings Plying a double French harpsichord with early fingerings Playing a historical organ with Baroque fingerings


by Claudio Di Veroli

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Baroque Keyboard Fingering: A Method, eBook

Baroque Keyboard Fingering: a comprenehsive method


This is a traditional-fingering method for students and performers of Baroque keyboards.

Scales and other passages are resolved with fifty-plus fingering Rules, based on original fingerings from Baroque era sources.

Old-style fingerings are also suggested by the author for many difficult passages in the Baroque keyboard repertoire.

After the first version of 1983, enhanced versions of this Method have received very favourable comments, including an endorsement by the late Igor Kipnis.

This 6th revised edition, published in August 2012, is based on decades of studies and practical use in public recitals, and £is as always the most comprehensive work in the field, with 174 fingered passages and a bibliography of sources.